SDP needs to wake up, urgently

Despite undoubtedly poor electoral showing, and despite joy felt by opponents, both from the right and radical left, SDP is still by far the largest and most important party of the left or centre-left in Croatia. This will remain the case, but changes are urgently needed. Nastavi čitati “SDP needs to wake up, urgently”

Is Restart coalition a chance for something better in Croatia?

Those who follow Croatian politics already know that the Social Democrats (SDP) have formed a coalition with several smaller parties and called it Restart.

This is a prudent, logical move. Practice has so far indicated that the main nationalist party, HDZ, can be beaten with a stable and coherent coalition. The last time this happened was in 2011 with the so-called Kukuriku coalition. It also happened in 2000, when the former SDP leader, Ivica Račan, had Dražen Budiša and a much stronger HSLS in his camp. Nastavi čitati “Is Restart coalition a chance for something better in Croatia?”