The last thing Europe needs is another war on its doorstep

If Bosnia and Herzegovina is to survive its current political crisis, then its capital, Sarajevo, should be seriously enabled to fully regain its glory — as the centre of regional revival in the immediate aftermath of the war 1992-1995.

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Croatian politics needs liberals – why don’t they unite?

‘Stronger together’ is a well-known saying, easily applicable to political life in Croatia. This is especially the case with the liberals; a number of small, centrist parties that aren’t capable of crossing the electoral threshold on their own. With few notable exceptions, such as winning the mayoral seat in Split, these parties are quite marginal on the political scene traditionally dominated by the two big parties, HDZ and SDP, as well as temporary successes by parties that are to the left and right of the two main players. This is a shame because liberals would have a lot to offer. It is moreover exceedingly important to have healthy competition, to have more than two choices, more than two rather ossified  world views. Above all, more than the appalling, worn-out ideological battle between Ustashas and partisans.

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Is Restart coalition a chance for something better in Croatia?

Those who follow Croatian politics already know that the Social Democrats (SDP) have formed a coalition with several smaller parties and called it Restart.

This is a prudent, logical move. Practice has so far indicated that the main nationalist party, HDZ, can be beaten with a stable and coherent coalition. The last time this happened was in 2011 with the so-called Kukuriku coalition. It also happened in 2000, when the former SDP leader, Ivica Račan, had Dražen Budiša and a much stronger HSLS in his camp. Nastavi čitati “Is Restart coalition a chance for something better in Croatia?”